Interlaken, Switzerland + The Top of Europe // Europe Trip Part 2


June 15, 2016

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Today I’m sharing with you images from what was probably our favorite place in Europe. Interlaken, Switzerland is a true gem + 100x’s more breathtaking in person than these pictures. We drove from Nice, France up through Italy, making a stop in Milan (not fans of the big city feel of Milan) and after 12 hours on the road we made it to Interlaken, Switzerland. This town is so charming and puts you right in the middle of the Swiss Alps. We took the recommendation from our friends + fellow photographers Lauren + Tim to make this our home base, and I’m sure glad we did. Two days here truly wasn’t enough, and we plan to visit again soon!

We spent the one full day we had there taking the train up to Jungfrau, also known as the Top of Europe, 3,454 meters above sea level. We would highly recommend taking the trip, it’s definitely not cheap, but a once in a lifetime experience.

On the way back down from Jungfrau, we hopped off the train at Grindelwald for lunch and to look around. If you decide to take the train ride to the top, you can hop on and off the train at the stops as many times as you’d like on the way up or down. Ok, enough rambling, enjoy some of our favorites from our time in Switzerland.

interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0000 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0001 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0003 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0005 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0006 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0007 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0004 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0008 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0009 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0010 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0013 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0012 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0014 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0011 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0015 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0016 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0017 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0019 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0020 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0024 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0021 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0022 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0023 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0025 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0026 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0027 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0028 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0029 interlaken_switzerland_top_of_europe_0030

On our drive to Switzerland, we were headed up and up and up a mountain, and without warning ran into this closed road due to all the snow on the road. So back down the mountain we went.


  1. Mandi Mitchell says:

    STOP IT. These are awesome! Love these pictures!

  2. Lawana says:

    Wow!! Makes me long for travel!! Thanks for sharing!

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