Judah Scott // One Month


July 9, 2018

I can’t believe our baby is one month old already. Time slow down! This has been the fastest, best, most tiring month of our whole lives. It is unreal how fast he is changing. More than ever I just want to take photos just for us to cherish!

These monthly posts have a few purposes. First, we just want to remember all the little moments that make life really good these days. And second, it helps us keep the thousands of images we’ve been taking organized so our pictures don’t end up all over the place on our hard drives. And lastly, we’re grateful to be able to share a small glimpse into our daily life with you. So if you are here, thank you for caring enough to check in!

A few highlight’s from Judah’s first month:

— He started smiling! At us! (not just gas smiles, even though no one really believes us until they see it for themselves 😜) He loves when we talk to him, and is especially smiley when he first wakes up and we say good morning.

— He LOVES bath time. He always seemed to love when I would get baths when I was pregnant, so I always hoped he’d love them just as much once he was here, and he does! So thankful we don’t have a screaming baby when it comes to this.

— Speaking of screaming babies, he (knock on wood) only ever really cries when he’s “starved” – and by starved I mean, hungry at all. He may have just eaten an hour ago, but you better believe he’s hungry, again. This kid can eat. All this eating is contributing to the chubby cheeks he’s getting and the baby rolls that are starting to appear.

— Hiccups, he had them daily when I was pregnant, and they’ve stuck around. Poor baby get’s them a few times a day.

— He’s sleeping pretty well most nights. He falls asleep around 8:30, we “dream feed” around 10 when we go to bed, just to top him off and then he wakes once to feed, usually around 2 a.m. – but last night he went until 4 a.m.! As wonderful as that first stretch of sleep is, his favorite time to wake up is still 5-6:00 a.m. (We’re working on it!) – He makes us forget how much we ever enjoyed getting a full nights sleep anyways.

—  and makes us realize how much we LOVE Dunkin’.

— He seems to enjoy music, we always have it playing and if he’s fussy, we turn it on and dance and bounce him around and 9/10 times it works to settle him!

So here are a few of our favorite portraits with our real camera, as well as a bunch of the iPhone memories from Judah’s first month.

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