The Errington’s Abroad // Monaco // Europe Trip Part 1


June 6, 2016

Monaco_0001 copy

Over the winter Tyler + I started planning a European road trip with his Dad + Step Mom (Scott + Paula). We hit Pairs, Nice (with a day trip to Eze + Monaco), Switzerland + Germany! We’re still waiting on our film to get back from Paris, so I’m starting this series a little out-of-order! šŸ˜‰ I think we hit every kind of weather we could on this trip, with Monaco being the hottest of them all. We spend the day wandering around this beautiful country (which is totally doable in one day since Monaco is only 2 square kilometers, making it the second smallestĀ sovereign nation in the world.) The blue waters are just as blue in person, as you see in these images, it almost looks unreal, and the beaches are full of not sand, but pebble stones along with topless women +Ā men in teeny tiny speedos (although we didn’t take any photos of that!)

Monaco_0002 Monaco_0003 Monaco_0004 Monaco_0005 Monaco_0006 Monaco_0007 Monaco_0008 Monaco_0010 Monaco_0011 Monaco_0012 Monaco_0013 Monaco_0014 Monaco_0015 Monaco_0016 Monaco_0017 Monaco_0018 Monaco_0019 Monaco_0020 Monaco_0021 Monaco_0022 Monaco_0023 Monaco_0024 Monaco_0025
Monaco_0027 Monaco_0028 Monaco_0029 Monaco_0031 Monaco_0030 Monaco_0033 Monaco_0032 Monaco_0034 Monaco_0035 Monaco_0036 Monaco_0037 Monaco_0038

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