November 27, 2017

WE’RE HAVING A BABY!!! I can’t believe this little (actually really big!) secret we’ve been keeping is finally out! We announced last week that baby Errington is expected to arrive this summer! We are so so so excited – it is all I can think about these days (besides food).

I thought I’d do a little blog post to bring you up to speed on what’s been going on, some photos we’ve been keeping to ourselves and some questions we’ve been asked so far!

So, uh, donuts or baby? A little of both 😉

When did we find out?

Since we had been doing fertility treatments, we had an exact “test date” of September 24th, but there was NO way my impatient self was going to make it that long even though Tyler practically begged me to just wait. I started taking tests on the 19th, a whole 6 days early. The first test the line wasn’t even really there, I had to cross my eyes and hold it up to the light and invert the photo to crazy colors to make myself see anything. I thought for sure we were out this month again. I asked Tyler, hoping he would see something, but still it just looked like a little shadow, we couldn’t really tell. From that day on a took one to two more test a day and with every test I took that second line seemed to get a little darker and a little darker. STILL not believing our eyes, I took approximately 20 more tests over the course of the next week. I called my doctor on Friday, they scheduled me for blood work that Monday the 25th.

That weekend was the slowest weekend of my life waiting for Monday to come. Monday morning we went into the Doctor’s office for blood work and then we waited. We were sitting in Chick-fil-A eating lunch when the office called, I was SO nervous to answer that call.

The nurse called with positive results and just like that! We’re going to be PARENTS!!

Also the fact that we found out I was definitely pregnant in Chick-fil-A is so funny because it’s SO us 😂

This was our very first ultrasound, you can’t even see baby yet, but we were already so excited! 

When is your due date?

June 2, 2018!

Are we going to find out if it’s a boy or girl?

Yes!!! We already know and will share soon. We have a few names we love, but no final decisions yet.

Will you still be shooting weddings next year?

YES!!! We love our job and our couples! I’m planning for a maternity leave, but I’ll be excited to get to shoot again after a little break with our new baby.

How have I been feeling?

When we first found out, I felt very nauseous for the first week. I think this was nerves more than anything! Because the feeling subsided and I felt ok until about week 8, then all of a sudden I was nauseous every morning and every night before bed. I’ve gotten lucky and only actually been sick a few times, so I can’t complain. What’s been the biggest change is not being able to stay awake past 8pm, I’m EXHAUSTED all the time. I need a nap daily, and by nap I mean a mid day 2-3 hour snooze, and then I’m in bed by 8 or 9pm every night. And this past week, my head aches have been awful. Second trimester, I hope you have better things in store for us?!

Any food cravings or aversions?

I can’t get enough BLT’s, apples with peanut butter, chocolate pudding, and Nacho’s from our local BBQ restaurant, Uncle B’s (as in I need these like 1-2 times a week!) and no aversions so far.

I’m so thrilled to finally be able to share this with all of you! To say we are excited really is an understatement. We’ve been looking forward to this chapter in our lives for a few years now and I can’t believe it’s finally here. These past 3 months have gone by so much quicker than I expected and we’re so looking forward to all the exciting things to come.

  1. Deb says:

    So happy for you both. Boy or girl, he/she will be either handsome or beautiful. Praying for a wonderful pregnancy and healthy baby.

  2. My heart is bursting with joy and happiness for you and Tyler! You guys are going to be awesome parents. Can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or girl!!

  3. Laura Stewart says:

    So happy for you guys…you will be great parents!! What a lucky baby he/she childhood will be documented with the most beautiful pictures! My son’s birthday is June 2nd…I will cross my fingers for a birthday twin!! Mich love to you both…CONGRATS!

  4. Laura Stewart says:

    So happy for you guys…you will be great parents!! What a lucky baby he/she’s childhood will be documented with the most beautiful pictures! My son’s birthday is June 2nd…I will cross my fingers for a birthday twin!! Much love to you both…CONGRATS!

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