Paris Anniversary Session // Scott + Paula

June 22, 2016

paris_anniversay_photographer_0001If you’ve been following along with our Europe posts, #theerringtonsabroad (you can see them here + here) then you know a little bit about our European road trip with Tyler’s dad + step mom, Scott + Paula. Our travel posts are a little out-of-order so bear with me!

Our first destination on our trip, Paris. And it just so happened that we would be flying in the day before their 19th wedding anniversary. What better way to celebrate 19 years of marriage than waking up at the crack of dawn (the morning after an overnight international flight, MAYBE 4 hours of sleep with jet lag setting in hard) than for a photo shoot?! 😉

These two are two of the most influential people to Tyler + I and our marriage. Their love for each other is something I feel that you don’t get to witness often these days. During our 9 years of dating, and just 1.5 short years of marriage we’ve learned quite a bit from them. They have always been there for us with words of encouragement + advice. And more than anything they’ve helped us realize what we want our marriage to be, and what life with your best friend looks like. We sure hope we’re as cool as you two after 19 years together. 😉

Marriage is tough, it takes time, patience, passion + a lot of hard work. It requires kindness, forgiveness, respect and commitment between two people who choose to love each other even on the days when they want to pull each others hair out. The result? Well, the result is awesome and it looks a little something like this 🙂

19 years of marriage looks good on you two.  ♡

Thank you Caroline, of Sweet Caroline Styles for lending us your beautiful gown for this shoot.

paris_anniversay_photographer_0013 paris_anniversay_photographer_0003 paris_anniversay_photographer_0014 paris_anniversay_photographer_0002 paris_anniversay_photographer_0015 paris_anniversay_photographer_0012 paris_anniversay_photographer_0009 paris_anniversay_photographer_0008 paris_anniversay_photographer_0011 paris_anniversay_photographer_0007 paris_anniversay_photographer_0006 paris_anniversay_photographer_0010 paris_anniversay_photographer_0004 paris_anniversay_photographer_0016 paris_anniversay_photographer_0018 paris_anniversay_photographer_0017

  1. Lauren Fair says:

    Gorgeous! That Paris light is to die for!

  2. Kayla Mendija says:

    How beautiful! it looks so classic and the colors are really nice too!

  3. Kayla Mendija says:

    wow! what a beautiful and classic session! Love the colors too!

  4. Tami Keehn says:

    These are gorgeous! The light is so beautiful in all of these images!

  5. Sarah says:

    Dreamy! Timeless photos and that light!!! Oh my goodness.

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