Paris, France // #theerringtonsabroad

July 13, 2016


I’m excited to finally continue to share our photos from Europe with you today! The beautiful city of Paris was the first stop on our trip and was far to short! We wandered around the city as quickly as we could, taking in all the sights and eating all the croissants + baguettes we possibly could. This city sure did photograph beautifully on film! Enjoy some of our favorites <3

the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0048the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0051 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0080 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0079 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0064 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0061 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0078 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0072 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0082 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0065 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0059 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0066 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0070 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0058 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0071 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0054 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0050 phoenixville_engagement_0046 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0083 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0068 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0049 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0055 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0053 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0067 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0056 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0060 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0077 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0076 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0074 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0069 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0073 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0075 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0063 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0062 the_erringtons_abroad_paris_0081

  1. So much beautiful architecture! Looks like it was a great trip!!

  2. Looks like it was an awesome trip! I can’t wait to go to Paris one day! I hope the baguettes were scrumptious. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  3. Brit says:

    I want to go right now!!

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